Pritam Datta Childhood & Life Journey So Far (Blogging & Engineering)

Hello Friends, Pritam Datta here. You may be surprised why I am calling you my friend because maybe we have not met personally or not even talk to each other then how can be anyone friend of mine?

Don't be surprised! If you have reached this page & reading this article, then you may have done good research on me & on my other projects which I am publishing under Times of Industry Blogs & website brand name.

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Ok, Ok - You actually came here to read about me. So, let's start from the beginning.

Pritam Datta Early Life:

So by birth, I am the one & only son of Bengali parents & as usual, I belong to a Bengali family. My native is West Bengal & carrying a middle-class family background. But I born in a middle-class family, it does not hurt me in my 31 years of life as of now. Yes, currently I am 31. From my childhood, my parents' done great things to complete my wishes & always helped & motivated me to do something good in my life. But I was not that kind of kid that in their school life thinking about their future doing many other activities. I actually a kid who is always unaware of everything & my parents forced me to do my studies & helped me to do my everyday activities.

When I was 6 months old, in the year 1991, I with my parents shifted to Bangalore due to my father's transferable job. Actually not in proper Bangalore, We shifted to 
Kengeri (Kengeri is a suburb in Bangalore city. It is located on the western corridor along Mysore Road, bordered by Nagarbhavi and Rajarajeshwari Nagar - as per Wikipedia data). Here is the snap of Kenderi station (not taken from the Internet, it was taken by me.) That history I am coming step to stepwise.

In Kengeri, I was there for approx 1.5 years & our residence which was actually a guest house provided by my father's company was opposite of Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering is a private technical co-educational college ( RV College of Engineering®) located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. So that is the short story of my life journey in Bangalore.

Then again, when I was 2 years old, we returned back to Kolkata (our native place). In Kolkata, we stayed for approx 2 years & also started my education in Kolkata. That is also a long story of my educational life. Actually, when I am writing my life story, It's actually motivating me to write everything about my life & remembering all the small things of my life. Yes, I am enjoying it writing this story for all of you guys & of course for me also. Here I want to convey that all the stories of my childhood, I have not remembered everything. Here also my parents helped me a lot by sharing my childhood story. So, here is one of the photos of my parents which I clicked in 2017 from my mobile phone.

Educational Life:

So, If I am talking about my educational life, It's a long journey. The long journey not in terms of that I am highly educated but you will understand by going forward how it is a long journey. I have admitted to New Satyabharati School in Nabagram, Hooghly at KG 1 class & my formal education started. 

In my childhood, I was very lazy & always crying to go to school. My father used to give me 1 big RASGULLA every day at my school gate. So that I stop crying & enters the school for the day. Here is a picture of the famous Kolkata Rasgula.

Yes, the whole world calls it Rasgulla but in Kolkata, it's called Rasogolla.

In New Satyabharati School I studied for approx 1 to 1.5 years. Parents can't remember accurately. Then we have sifted to Panipat. If you don't know about the place, then for your information, Panipat is a historic city in Haryana, India. It is 90 km north of Delhi and 169 km south of Chandigarh on NH-1. You can just know more about the place by just searching on Google. Also hope you have watched the Bollywood movie Panipat. That's the same place where I was shifted. 

In Panipat, I have admitted to Vidya Bharti Modern School Khadi Ashram (Address - GT Road ( NH-01), Krishanpura, Panipat, Haryana 132103) & in this school, I studied for few days.

In the meantime, my mother appointed as a teacher in a private school for children's & I also transferred to that school. So I with my mom every day go to school & return back to the home together in the new city called Panipat. But that school headmistress was very not allowed my mother to take my class at least for one day in the last 6 to 7 years. Yes, in that school I studied for 6 to 7 years up to class 4.

But eventually in 6, 7 years my parents understood that there may be no future studying in normal Hindi medium school & decided to return back to Kolkata & take admission in the school from where my father also passed the secondary examination (Madhyamik).

That was a very big decision that time my parents have taken & mother resigned from the teaching job where she was a teacher from the last 6.5 years & returned to Kolkata with me. At that time I can speak & understand Bengali but not able to write the Bengali language but If I need to take admission to that school, from where my father passed out, then I have to pass the class 5 entrance exam which will be in the Bengali language. In the whole Panipat my parents not found any Bengali books to learn Bengali for me. 

What happened that time, our whole family follow Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra for many years & we have SATYANUSARAN (A holy book, where all the thoughts of Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra are written & we have that book which is actually written in the Bengali language). 

So, I started learning the Bengali language from that one & only book & within 3 to 4 months I was able to read & write Bengali fluently. Of course, my parents also helped me a lot in this transition period.

After that, we returned to Kolkata & admitted in 2no. Primary School in half of the year. Within 6 months I completed the class 4 syllabus in primary school & done a great result in school besides this also I prepared for the admission test of higher secondary school.

And the time came when it will be proved that decision of coming back to Kolkata of my parents are wrong or right 


We succeed. I got a good rank in the admission examination & got admitted to Nabagram Vidyapith. That moment was a very proud moment for all of my family. Approx 1 years of life-changing decision & hard work resulted at last.

Spent my all childhood in this school & I passed out Madhyamik Examination from Nabagram Vidyapith in 2007. Lots of good memories are associated with this school & maybe that time I was not able to understand parent's decision was right or wrong but now after, at the age of 30 years, I am able to judge the decision of my parents to come back from Panipat & forced/motivated me to take admission in that school. Now I thanks my parents for taking that hard life-changing decision only for my education.

Oh, Enough about the journey of my education!

Just fast forward my education from here. After that, I took admission in (X+2) Vocational Course in that same school & passed out (X+2) Vocational Course in automobile engineering in 2009. Taking admission in Vocational course also has a long story & the one & only person behind this to take admission in Vocational course is my Dad. If you guys are interested in the interesting story behind this, then you can comment. I will share it with you.

After Passing the Vocational course, I took admission in Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in Hooghly Institute of Technology & passed out in 2011.

I have made some good life long friends here & lots of happy moments are associated with me. Here one of the pictures of my approx all class friends during studying at Hooghly Institute of Technology.

AND that's the Pause of my education journey here.


Professional Journey Started:

I got my first job in Action Construction Equipment Ltd in college campus placement as a service engineer with my college friend Mrinmoy Adhikary. I was posted in Jharsuguda, Odisha & Mrinmoy was posted in Angul, Odisha as a service engineer. There I have worked for 1.5 years. This is a picture from Training during Action Construction Equipment Ltd at Gurgaon

Training during Action Construction Equipment Ltd at Gurgaon

Then I got a new opportunity to join a German-based multinational company SEW Eurodrive India Pvt Ltd. I joined the company as a service engineer based in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. There I worked for 7 years till 2019. In April 2019, I joined Kluber Lubrication India Pvt Ltd (German-based MNC lubricants manufacturing company) as an Application engineer based at Raipur, India.

How I started Blogging?

So, here is the turning point of my life. After working approx 3 to 3.5 years, I started to think to start anything of my own. Maybe something small but I can do it by myself with my 9 to 5 job & can be a good resource of earning some money. I started searching on the internet about these types of options & tried some shortcuts to earn money online. After some months of research 1 day suddenly one article from ShoutMeLoud came to the first page on an article on How to Earn Money Online through blogging. I clicked the article & read it thoroughly.

It was an interesting article & a new topic for me. I started checking all the articles posted in ShoutMeLoud & also started searching in google that earning money through Blogging. Then one day I came to know about Amit Agrawal from Digital Inspiration. Also came to know more bloggers & digital marketers who are living their life from blogging & digital marketing including Harsh Agrawal from ShoutMeLoud.

After gaining some information on blogging & its potential, I thought this can be the best option for me to start which I can manage with my 9 to 5 job.

Started learning more about blogging & How to start blogging. I have started many blogs on blogger platforms & also invested some for buying domains. But not all blogs run properly.

Then I started & started writing about How anyone starts blogging & can earn money online. You can read more about BlogMean history here.

That was the start of my blogging journey in 2016 & now its became my passion. So, now professionally I am a mechanical engineer & blogging is my passion.

Currently, there are 3 websites are running on the internet which is coming under the TimesofIndustry group of Blogs & Websites

Here you some interesting categories you will find in-depth information. We try to share information on SEO, How to Earn Money Online, Pro Blogging Tips, Round-Ups, Technology & Finance related topics.

Educational Journey Restarted:

In the meantime of working in SEW Eurodrive, I understood that something is holding me back from growing my professional career & soon I understood that my diploma in engineering is not enough for getting a promotion in any company & growing my professional career. Then I decided to do B.Tech in mechanical engineering without leaving my current job. 

After some research on the internet & take advice from some of my friends, I found that it's possible to get my graduation in engineering without leaving my current job. I started preparation for the JEE examination which is essential for taking admission to any college in West Bengal. I was too much confused that will I able to take admission in B Tech or not because approx its been 4 years since I am out of studies. But I gained some confidence & started my preparation. Fortunately, I got a good rank in the JEE examination & took admission to Camellia Institute of Technology & Management in 2015 & got my graduation after 3 years of hard work. Till now it's the end of my educational journey.

I just can't thank my friends, family & my college for supporting me & giving me the opportunity to complete my Graduation in Engineering. Here also I made some good friends & passed out from CITM together.

Here one of the photos with my friends during my doing my graduation at Camellia Institute of Technology, Bainchi.

One more photo with my friend Aniruddha Mukherjee in a Kali Temple during my doing my graduation at Camellia Institute of Technology, Bainchi.

There is more history of my professional life which I will share in some other posts. The post will contain the interesting story of my foreign Visit & many other places I have visited till now. Also during my Blogging & Engineering journey, I got married to a girl, I was in a relationship approx more than 9 years long & that story is also amazing & full of enjoyment.

If you have reached this portion, then do not forget to share your thoughts that are coming to your mind right now. Till now, the one learning & motivational summery I can share with all the readers. 

If a person like me from a middle-class family can do whatever he thinks to do. Then why you not able to do what you have in your mind. To achieve something in your life, First, make a goal what you really want & then try different paths to achieve your goal. You can change your paths to reach your goal but the goal can not be changed.

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